Sunday, October 19, 2014

changing of the seasons

Heya lovelies! It's been a while!

Really liked my outfit today and decided that I needed to get my butt in gear and take a few outfit photos! I've really been into fashion blogs/youtubers recently, and I've been working on my sense of style! I think it has really improved these past few months haha.

The Bay had a Cyber Monday flash sale on their website which included topshop, so I jumped on it super quick and picked up a few things! I got 2 pairs of jeans and a new pair of shoes, all -40% off their original price! Super lucky for me haha. My wardrobe is slowly transitioning to majority Topshop......which I'm totally fine with. They make 36" length jeans which fit me perfectly! I can get away with 34" if they're low rise but it's nice to finally find high rise ones that fit.

Glasses: eBay
Coat: Topshop
Shirt: Forever21
Jeans: Topshop (Jamie Moto fit, ripped at the knees)
Boots: Topshop

THESE BOOTS THOUGH, AHHHHH I love them! They've got a shiny gold tip, heel, and a thick gold chain across the back. Classy but edgy, yea yea yea. I also like the low heel, doesn't give me any extra height!! :D 

So Sachoooo what's been up with you this past month?
Nothing much, thanks for asking (hahahaaaa) Started classes again. They're alright, but I think I've got senioritis now that I'm in my final year of university. I just want to get out into the real world already since classes just seem tedious, even though everyone tells me that the real world is much more difficult and uni was easy etc etc etc. I'm just so done with essays though.... :(

But basically I'm going to use my last 6 months of university to kick my youtube and blog into HIGH GEAR. I want to grow! I want to make something out of this! I want to see if I can make it into a job for myself! So expect a lot more content :D But let me know...

What kind of content do you want to see?
For both my blog and youtube!! Comment below at let me know! :D 

Other than that, social life has been ok, pretty sure I've scared off any possibility of senpai noticing me, but at least my fashion sense is pretty good. I guess Instagram #ootd has helped out!!

Watch: Fossil
Ring: found in some vintage shop! It's got a really pretty blue stone in it though.
Nail polish is some silver one from Revlon!

Other than that.... I've pretty much been downtown Toronto every weekend. I've been cursed with wanderlust after my exchange and I don't feel satisfied sitting at home. Downtown is the most exciting place I have access to at the moment so I guess I'll be exploring more.

I also really want to do more food blogs! :D So I hope you guys are prepared.

How have you all been recently? <3


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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

room tour 2014

Heyo lovelies!!

It's that time of year again! Time to start school / move into student housing for the year, yay. This year I'm renting off campus, just like I did in second year. Of course, I have to do a bedroom tour. I love looking back on these types of posts!

First year bedroom
Second year bedroom
Third year (kinda?) Not rly much of a tour tho

And now for my fourth year!!

I'm sharing this place with 2 other people! One of my flatmates is a friend from high school who I lived with in second year. The other person is a graduate student from India! Unfortunately, I'm in a basement unit. I don't mind it too much, didn't really have much choice because I was in the UK when renting season was going on. I had to send my flatmate from second year to look at houses to rent!!

Here's the view from the door! I kinda wish we had bigger windows haha... I was spoiled with massive windows + second floor room in second year, too bad we couldn't rent that house again! :(
The random blinds on the side aren't for the windows, they actually hide a fuse box haha... At least it doesn't look too bad!
Trusty wooden ikea desk!! My mom gave me her old cosmetics case so now I have a big one to put all of my stuff in! Ahh makeup, so much fun!! My collection has grown quite a bit because makeup seems to be a default gift for me ;v; All of my regular clothes are in the plastic drawers!

Desk! With my lil laptop, tablet (Wacom Cintiq ahhh), microphone and MENMA FIGURE! MENNNMMMAAAAAAAAAAA

Lil futon! Downgraded to a single bed again after having a double at home/in Leeds haha. Its a bit weird facing the back wall but I'd rather not have a fuse box right above my head!

View from the other end of the room! I have my little shelf with all of my figures, plushes, ukelele, cleaning stuff, toilet paper etc! Closet is full of random fall clothes and bags that I have take back home.My mirror is where I do all of my outfit snaps too!

As a bonus, here are two of my recent outfit snaps. Getting more into it I guess? I'm trying to become more stylish I suppose, girls here don't really put as much effort into their looks as the girls in the UK. I want to make being trendy into a habit so I always look cool 8)

  top - topshop // jeans - primark // shoes - talbots // backpack - cargo

Top: lord & taylor // Shirt: new look // Jeans: topshop // Shoes: talbots

Annnnnd to end this post, here's a song I've been listening to non-stop recently! My flatmate really got me into Arctic Monkeys recently, totally digging them. Super chill beats.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

lil makeup haul

Hiiiiii lovelies,

I'm going to straight up admit that I have a makeup addiction. (I blame Boots/Superdrug on my exchange with all of their 3 for 2 sales even though makeup was like double the price lol.) A small beauty outlet near my house was going out of business. I happened to pass by one day while I was thrifting and picked up a few things for super cheap!

Bought these 3 things for about $10!! Pretty good considering it would normally cost maybe $25 in total at Walmart or something.

I can usually find a way to justify buying new makeup. Needed new mascara because my current one (mini Benefit They're Real' sample that I got with a magazine or something) is running out. Wanted to try the Baby Skin primer but didn't want to pay the $10 for it because I have a mini Benefit Porefessional sample (also from a magazine, do you see my problem) that I'm still getting through. I can always justify a shimmery champagne eyeshadow because it's what I wear every day.

I really like this eyeshadow pot! I've never tried any of Maybelline's Colour Tattoo line but I've heard some pretty good things about it! I got this eyeshadow pot in the colour 55 Barely Brazen, It's a super shimmery nude/champagne colour. I usually wear it to set my Bourjois Shimmer Shine cream eyeshadow in beige metallique. Very pigmented, I like it.

As I said before, I picked this up solely because it was on sale ($4 as opposed to $10). It's a clear primer that aims to hide/minimize pores and grant the look of soft baby skin. I haven't used this on my entire face yet, just on my cheeks and on the sides/around my nose. I don't really know if it's helping my makeup stay on properly but I guess I'll test it out some more.

I swear, this mascara is super hyped up. I watch a ton of beauty gurus on youtube and all of them (especially my favourite, Ingrid/MissGlamorazzi) swears by it. When I saw this on sale, I figured there must be some proof behind the hype!! 

Kinda disapointed when I saw the brush. I was kinda expecting something with longer bristles at least? I guess in my mind, I was expecting it to be like the Benefit They're Real mascara. I got the waterproof formula which I never really buy since it's such a hastle to take off!

I'm not sure if it's because I have straight asian eyelashes or if the formula is too wet, but it doesn't work as well on me as it does on others I guess. Didn't really hold curl, made my lashes a little longer but nothing amazing. Oh well, just gonna use this up and then go back to Benefit or L'Oreal!

Glad I didn't end up spending a ton of money on this - this haul is an alright sacrifice for $10. At least the eyeshadow is nice!

Have you tried any of these? Do they work on you?
Any recommendations for other mascaras/primers would be appreciated as well!

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